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Marielos Meléndez

Mrs. Marielos Meléndez has more than two decades of legal experience advising local, regional, and international clients in the areas of residency, family, immigration, marriage, divorce, incorporation, labor, intellectual property, consumer, foreign investment, real estate, and alternate dispute resolution. Mrs. Marielos Meléndez is advised clients from North and South America, Europe, and Asia on the set up an operation of their businesses in the region. Mrs. Marielos Meléndez is a certified arbitrator and mediator.

Costa Rica Bar Association
Iustitia Partners
Themis Consortium

Mrs. Marielos Meléndez serves as attorney and Counselor to companies, department stores, retail stores, retail franchises, industrial sector, import and export companies, tourism services, government contracts and agencies, and individuals. Mrs. Marielos Meléndez´s passion for philosophy and her constant search for fairness and truth inspired her love and pursuit of the law. After completing her law studies at the UACA, she obtained her Masters Degree in business law from UCI, and her Doctorate in Lawfrom Escuela Libre de Derecho. She is fluent in Spanish and English and reads French and Portuguese.

Law Degree Juris Doctor J.D. Universidad Autónoma de Centro América
Masters of Law in Business LL.M. Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional
Doctor of Juridical Science S.J.D. Escuela Libre de Derecho

Jorge Bonilla Marin

Human Rights Lawyer, Family Lawyer, General Attorney, Immigration Lawyer, Negligence Lawyer, Business Lawyer.

Sarchi, Valverde Vega East Side of the Park

Costa Rica Bar Association

Universidesdes Latina, UACA and Interamericana
Bachelor and postgraduate in law
1999 - 2005

Marielos Meléndez H. JD LL.D.
Lawyer and Notary / Abogada y Notaria
Telephone +(506) 2224-2800 / Fax +(506) 2225-2909
Toll Free United States / Canada 1-800-378-7542
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